The Lash Camp is a complete 365-day accessible online lash training! Will it take an entire year to finish the course? Nope- you can actually complete the class within 3 days of sitting. Within the three days worth of training, you will learn:


  • Classic and volume lash extensions
  • How to create handmade fans of various thickness
  • Ways to properly isolate
  • Proper layering of lashes
  • How to remove lash extensions
  • Securing good retention practices
  • Creative styling techniques
  • Starting and growing clientele




Class is taught through a series modules that will not only teach you specific techniques to sucessfully applying lash extensions but also, challenge your understanding of each technique to guide your along great application. There are five major objectives that students must complete before gain their Certificate of Completion

  • Proper santiary methods for the most hygenic practicing
  • Flawless application techniques for great looks and retention
  • Retention and styling techniques
  • Painless removal of lash extensions
  • Creating, maintaining, and growing clientele


  • Total cost of online training is $375, that includes- a professional lash kit for classic and volume, cost of online training and facetime along with your Certificate of Completion.


There is no rush to have class completed early, students are encourage to take their time to make they understand each module. Your final class will features a facetime review session with Tea to make sure you understand and have no further questions before "completing" your training.


Once your training is completed and your Certificate of Completion, all class materials(lessons, videos, challenges) will be completely visible for the remainder the year.


Will you need a pro/training kit to be included?


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