LASH'd SZN1 takes on a newly refreshed approach to learning lash extensions- the PRETTEA way. In this szn, you will learn how to apply lash extensions, how to gain and apply your skillset to attract clientele, how to start and grow a profitable business, and how to perfect your style whether its clean and neat or dramatic and edgy- its your szn!

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Q1. is all about the prep- getting your mentally and physically prepared to work your new skill set. Simply put, you will be introduced to the theory behind lash extensions application and the technique behind applying them correctly.

By establishing a strong foundation, you are creating room to grow into your own unique style without questioning or doubt. You can be sure to learn:

  • Sanitation

  • Contraindications

  • Lash growth

  • Taping methods

  • Tweezer handling

  • Lash cleansing

  • Lash curls

  • Removal

  • Application

  • Retention


Q2. It's all about the "spruce up", so you've established your foundation, you understand what it takes to create a "good" lash set- now let's established what it takes to get you noticed. A "good" lash set will have a clean lash line and good retention but a "loveable" set to draw in clientele. You will learn how to create:

  • Dramatic lash lines

  • Cat Eye

  • Wispy Lash bunch

  • Leveling and blending the lash line

  • Different curls and diameter


Q3. We learn that it takes more than talent to efficiently run a business. With personal accounts from my own shortcomings and experience combined with personal and comparable successes from similar entrepreneurs we use this quarter to breakdown and build up a successful business. This round you'll combine your talent with proven strategies to turn your hustle into a profitable system. Strategies to go over:

  • Zeroing on your target customer

  • Creating an appointment calendar

  • Creating consistency on social media

  • Increasing engagement with your target customers

  • Creating and surpassing your monthly goals


Each quarter is carefully executed in all of the pieces of training this season. 



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