How do you like your client lash extensions to look? DRAMATIC, THICK, LONG, WISPY, SHORT & SWEET? How are you gaining your you know who you're attracting? - This is the training for you. Learn the tricks of the lash line and advance your lash creativity.



  • Detailed styling lash guide that grows from beginner to advance level styling

  • 10 individual DETAILED lash maps, downloadable

  • Prerecorded class style tutorials of each styling, technique, and tools made easy- also downloadable

  • LIVE styling and marketing class with Q&A and replay available - MARCH 7th


  • Have a clear understanding of lash mapping

  • Recognize and use lash layers to your advantage

  • Know how to properly refill and remove pre-existing lash extensions

  • Grow your confidence while enhancing your lash artistry

  • Know to work and manipulate extended lengths

  • Be able to create and recreate your own lash strip/lash design

  • Be able to attract your IDEAL clientele

  • Know different revenue streams via social media dealing with being a lash tech

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1. Will I be able to watch at any time?

 Yes, the class is accessible on ANY device- I recommend first watching on either IPAD, LAPTOP, or DESKTOP before watching it on your phone so you will have the full experience of class and have the ability to follow along precisely.

2. What happens if I have questions?

No problem- ask away! The LIVE training of class will take place on March 7th from 1-3pm/est, ANY question pertaining to lash styling, your problems areas, etc will be answered however, should you have questions beforehand shoot us a text or email and we will get to you within the hour :)

3. Does this class come with a kit? What tools do I need for class?

This class does not come with a kit, since many of you are preexisting lash techs on varying levels- you should already have a kit. For this training, I encourage you to have 10-19mm lash lengths and any extended length of your choice. Per this lash training, we will be working with 10-17mm, 14-19mm, and 20-25mm - I will include a link of affordable lash trays that I myself will be working with if you’d like to follow along with the class examples. Of Course, you will need lash tweezers and glue.


4. How long will it take to get me through class?

I recommend setting aside 2-4 hours of training, the class itself is about an hour and a half however practicing each style will take more time. Each level includes 3 styles, each level increasing in its intricacy.


5. What do I need to follow along with class?

During the class, we will be working with C, CC, D, and DD curl along with 10-17mm, 14-19mm, and 20-25mm length, diameters 0.03, 0.05, 0.07 - depending on the lash style we're creating will determine what lashes will be used- all tools used will be announced prior to the start of the demonstration. Since you will have the prerecorded version of each tutorial you will be able to prepare before your practice.

6. Is this class beginner friendly?

Class is great for all levels, the best part of this training is that each segment is labeled by training level- of course, they’re all accessible to you however if you’d like to build up your skill you could also follow the training by segments.

7. When is the LIVE lash class?

The LIVE class will take place March 7th, 2021 from 1-3 pm/est. -after class both, the LIVE styling class and prerecorded class tutorials will be viewable, the prerecorded class tutorials will also be downloadable to watch and rewatch at your discretion.  

8. What is the total cost of this class?

Class total cost is $100

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